We are a group of ceramic artists who work from the Ceramics Hub at the Birchcliffe Centre, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.  Our members are: -
Penny Hampson, Lesley Lishman, Gillian Holt, Matthew Helbert, Sue Donnelly and Anne Cahill.  More details of our work can be found via the links on our artists' page.
Penny Hampson has been based at the ceramics studio in the Birchcliffe Centre for around six years, creating commissioned public art projects nationwide.  She has worked in collaboration with many other established artists and members of the public on these commissions and has also given classes and run workshops at the Birchcliffe studio.  Lesley Lishman has been working for several years with Penny at Birchliffe, producing her own ceramics and supporting Penny in her work.
Gillian Holt and Matthew Helbert joined Penny and Lesley in 2017, having been members of Brier Hey Pottery in Mytholmroyd.  Gillian was one of the founder members of the community based pottery group, which was established in April 2012, following the untimely death of the original founder, David Constantine White, in October 2011.  The community group was brought together by David White's friend, Sue Turner, a local ceramist and teacher, who had promised David shortly before he died that she would make sure Brier Hey Pottery continued after his death.  
Matthew Helbert joined the pottery the following summer.  The group, which consisted of four or five artists at any one time, continued to work there for about five years but, sadly, had to leave the Mytholmroyd premises in 2017, when their landlords deemed the leaky roof beyond economical repair.  Since moving to the Birchcliffe studio, the group have been joined by Sue Donnelly and Anne Cahill and it is now known as the Ceramics Hub.
Brier Hey Pottery had a 35 year history in Mytholmroyd.   David White set up his pottery business in the premises in the early 1980s and operated it, for the most part alone but, with various assistants, 'apprentices' and fellow artists working from time to time alongside him over the years on different projects.  One such project was Penny Hampson's 'Pocket Park', a work of public art in Wolverhampton, in which David glazed bricks for a wall top as part of the project.  Here are some photos, taken at Brier Hey Pottery, of the work-in-progress,  on the blue glazed wall top bricks and some white glazed ones for the top of a pillar.  

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