Gillian Holt makes hand built and press moulded stoneware as well as slip-cast parianware and porcelain.  The stoneware pieces are sometimes partially glazed, typically with one or two different glazes and overprinted with text and images.  The slip-cast work is usually on a smaller scale and often takes the form of a bottle.  The parianware is often described as self glazing because in a high temperature firing it develops a satin sheen on the surface.  The parianware and porcelain pieces are also printed with text and/or images, which are often created out of old family photos and documents.
Porcelain books
Porcelain book detail
"Home from Home" exhibition, Leeds 2011
Home from Home 2011
"Family Jar" and "No Horizon"
Slip-cast parian bottles
Porcelain slab built scrolls
Hand built stoneware 2010
Hand built stoneware
Porcelain book
James Holt Indenture

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